COVID-19 Info

COVID Protocols

April 2023 Update: masks are now optional for clients; I will continue to wear a mask during all sessions and to follow ventilation and cleaning protocols designed to reduce the risk of infection.

**If you are at high-risk for serious disease from COVID, please let me know and I will test myself before your appointment.**

Massage & COVID-19

If you are recovering from COVID or experiencing symptoms of Long COVID, gentle massage is a safe and effective way to support your body's recovery. Because I work slowly and carefully, I will avoid overwhelming your nervous system or increasing inflammation. In addition, the stress-reducing effects of gentle massage will be helpful in addressing any trauma you've experienced, and I will be able to coach you in returning to activity safely. 

If you had a moderate-to-severe case of COVID and/or are at high-risk of developing blood clots, I suggest that you ask your doctor to clear you for massage before scheduling - after all, my first obligation is to do no harm!