Cindy Osborne
NC LMBT #16191

Graduate of Center for Massage & Natural Health, Asheville NC 

Continuing Education: 

I originally studied massage 30-odd years ago, and practiced for a few years before my life took other directions. I thought about returning to bodywork as a profession off and on, and finally decided to take the plunge in 2016.

My desire for this new/old career path is to provide nurturing bodywork to those who need it most: chronic pain patients, elders, anxiety and trauma sufferers, etc. Research shows that massage can greatly improve psychological as well as physical well-being, and as a more mature practitioner I believe I am well-suited for this work. I make my services affordable for those with financial as well as physical constraints, and would also love the opportunity to contribute to research on the effects of massage on those suffering from various illnesses.

I find great meaning and satisfaction in serving others, and—to quote one of my teachers—in “changing the world, one massage at a time.”