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"I have received two massages from Cindy for what I suspect to be occipital neuralgia or something similar, and I got amazing relief both times. After both sessions, there was [an] improvement that I couldn’t really attribute to anything else. It felt as though whatever the affected nerve was, it had been released." -C.S.

"Cindy was incredible to work with. I usually hurt a little after a massage but after having a massage from Cindy I just feel relaxed. Her COVID precautions and mindfulness were top tier and it was the first time I had been that close to anyone outside of my household in a long time. Cindy made it comfortable, safe, and relaxing. 10/10 if you are someone who experiences chronic pain and chronic inflammation that makes you a little iffy about massages then give Cindy a try!!" -W.G.

"Cindy is amazing! I've dealt with chronic pain for several years and also have a history of trauma. Cindy is so skilled, she knows how to encourage your body to relax. While she doesn't do deep tissue work ... the effect of a massage with her feels like she did. The effects are long lasting and my pain is gradually reducing. She provided a safe and secure environment for a massage and I trust her implicitly. She also continues her education and follows the theory of The Body Keeps the Score. I can't recommend her enough!" -L.H.

"I had the pleasure of having a massage with Cindy this morning and it was amazing. I felt so relaxed afterwards. I fell asleep and I never seem to be able to relax enough during a massage to do that. Her gentle touch massage technique is great and she really knows how to make you 100% comfortable! I highly recommend her to anyone needing some time to wind down and relax!" -W.

"I feel like I have been detoxed, realigned, and rejuvenated. On top of that I loved seeing you again!" -N.W., after 1st post-COVID massage

"I suffer from chronic pain, PTSD and autoimmune disease. Cindy's gentle, healing touch is perfect for me; I have made great strides since starting treatment with her just one month ago. She has a soothing, calming presence. She is reasonable and reliable. She works intuitively and with great care. Massage has always been a bit of a trial for me due to my pain and trauma, but Cindy is a master at dealing with both and creating a safe, nurturing space. Regular sessions with her, which she has kindly made affordable, have already begun to expedite my healing and help me resolve a lifetime of pain. I'm so grateful for her. If you are suffering with any of the same conditions I am, I urge you to book with her, weekly if possible. No better investment in your health can be made." -B.

"Cindy is a natural healer." -C.A., instructor at CFMNH

"I just had an hour long massage with Cindy. It was such a soothing and gentle experience - Cindy listens to you and asks the right questions so that you get the level of pressure you need, focus on the right areas, etc. I really enjoyed talking to her and felt completely at ease through the entire session. I was so relaxed at the end of the hour - nearly fell asleep. Thanks, Cindy - you were awesome ! I'll be going back for sure." -K.A.

"Just had a great massage with Cindy! Totally relaxing and just the right pressure. Soothing!" -L.G.

"Cindy has an incredibly professional and yet soothing presence. I felt completely at ease in her beautiful office. She truly cared about my needs and addressed them during the massage. I left in a blissful haze and couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day! I cannot wait to go back!" -T.L.